Sunday Morning

9:30 AM

Infant & Toddlers                               Room 1

Preschoolers (3-5 yr olds)               Room 2

K-5 Grade Kids Rock                        Room 6

10:45 AM

Infant & Toddlers                              Room 1

Preschoolers (3-5 yr olds)              Room 2

K-1 Grade Small Group                   Room 3

2-3 Grade Small Group                   Room 4

4-5 Grade Small Group                   Room 5

Starting Week of September 9, 2018

Wacky Wednesdays | 6:45-8p

Sunday Night Live | 5-7p

Both are open to toddlers - 5th Graders

Small Group Bible Studies & Activities Divided By Age/Grade


Sunday Morning / Small Groups


Nursery thru twos                 Room 110

Preschool (2-5yrs)                Room 106

Lions and Lambs-(K-1st)     Room 212

Beacons-(2nd-3rd)              Room 210

B.L.U.E-(4th-5th)                 Room 214


Nursery thru twos                 Room 110

Preschool (2-5yrs)                Room 106

MHK Kidz (Making Him Known)

K-5th                                      Room 216


Wednesday Night  - 6:00-7:30p

MHK Quest (K-5th)               Room 216

welcome to christ church kids!

Our mission is to teach children to love God, love each other and serve the world by teaching them the truth of scripture, challenging them to grow in their understanding of who is God and leading to a habit of application of God's Word in their lives!

To help achieve our mission, we model the Orange Strategy as well our Kids Rock Experience or our Discover Experience every Sunday morning for all ages birth to 5th Grade.

Our Kids Rock and MHK Kids are designed for kids ages pre-school to 3rd Grade. During both experiences, kids are challenged with God's word in a fun, exciting way! They also participate in worship, play games and do various activities directly related to the morning's teaching time. 

What is Orange?

Orange is a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the brilliance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red), the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone.

From preschool to college, it draws on the elements of wonder, discovery and passion, infusing them into children, students and young adults. Why? To see God for who He is, to help young people see themselves the way God sees them, so that they can love others the way God does.

Birth to 5 Year Olds

Our pre-schoolers use First Look, a web-based curriculum that uses engaging activities to introduce pre-school children (ages birth to five) to God. First Look gives children a first impression of their heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them.

The FIRST LOOK curriculum is designed so that each preschooler will grow up believing that:

• God made me.

• God loves me.

• Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Our children use 252 Basics. This curriculum equips kids from kindergarten through fifth grade with basic truths. In fact, when a kid transitions into middle school, we want that child to have experienced and own three basic truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52: 

  • I need to make the wise choice.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We also take kids into the heart of God’s Big Story. The story of God reveals the character of God.

That’s why 252 Basics is organized around key Bible stories that help kids discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them. And to make it easy to understand, everything is unpacked through weekly Bottom Lines—short phrase that are so easy to remember they can be reinforced at home throughout the week.