Small Group Bible Studies @ Arlington

Our Bible studies &  small groups exist to connect adults in our church with others so we can share life together - praying for each other, encouraging one another, studying God's Word, and fellowshipping together.

None of our groups are exclusive; you can connect with any one of them at any time. In fact, we would love to welcome you!


Pastor's Bible Study is a systematic Bible study led by our Pastor, Randy Lockley. Meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the lobby and anyone is welcome to attend. 

Women's Bible Study is designed for women who want to study God's word together and encourage one another to live it out. Meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Room 6. Led by Beverly Hodge.


Words of Encouragement meets in the auditorium and is led by our Pastor, Randy Lockley. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

Small Group Bible Studies @ Bartlett

Our Bartlett Campus offers a wide variety of small group Bible studies throughout the week. We believe that small groups provide the best opportunity to build meaningful relationships and experience intentional discipleship. You are welcome to visit any or our Bible studies to find the right group for you. 

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies

8:15 AM - Living on Purpose (meets at 8:15am)  Room     208

Participation format for women of all ages, led by Teresa Fleece

@ 9:30 am

More than Conquerors              Chapel

Lecture/Participation for all ages, led by Jane Bevill

Equip Class                         Room 112

Discipleship training for all ages, led by Scott Jones

Pastor’s Bible Study                   Auditorium

Lecture/Participation for all ages, led by Bro. John Latimer

REAL LIFE                              208

Lecture/Participation for all ages, led by Joe & Teresa Fleece

The Journey Class                    222

Equipping and Encouraging Each other as we Journey through life together, 

led by Pastor Marcus Van Every

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Ruth Class                                      203

Participation format for women for all ages, led by Kathy Hughes

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Studies @ 6pm

EQUIP                                      Chapel
Training for All Ages -- Led by Pastors John Latimer and Marcus Van Every

Women's Bible Study                Room 208

Grief Share                                  Room 206